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American Cleaning & Supply Services Company
American Cleaning & Supply Services Company

Our Team

Michael "Cricket" Giachetti - Owner/Operator

Bud Delorenzo - General Manager of Operations

Dollie Giachetti - General Manager of Administration

Who We Are

America is derived from the principles of opportunity, prosperity, and hard work.

 Sometimes, hard work can get messy! For those messes, you need

American Cleaning & Supply Services Company!

American Cleaning & Supply Services Company is a privately owned and operated small business that offers commercial cleaning services including facility cleaning (daily maintenance), carpets, stripping and waxing floors, post construction clean up, windows, etc. As an experienced and tenured company,  we have provided a convenience to our customers with a 100% guarantee!  We have worked with various types of facilities, including but not limited to; schools, supermarkets, retail stores, doctors offices, law firms, fracking/oil and gas companies, gyms, car dealerships, community centers and many more!

American Cleaning & Supply Services Company was inspired by the late father of our owner, Cricket. He was a decorated Veteran who understood what it meant to be an American, to work hard, and to understand that in life - things are earned, not given. We value ourselves and our company on earning the business of our clients by providing the best we can in the price, quality, and delivery of our work!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional and quality service to accommodate all client cleaning and other janitorial needs.

Our Vision

Setting the status quo that hard work pays off, it is our vision to encourage others to embrace American values through example, portray them through honest work, and model our core beliefs. 

Our Values

We pride ourselves on exemplifying the values of honesty, loyalty, and commitment, welcoming all opportunities, and respecting prosperity.